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Habersham Fall Festival

What a year! The booth season has kicked off here in the studio - I feel like I am always right at the finish line for getting all my artworks ready for the shows. This was my second year participating in the Habersham Harvest Festival, and it has been a great turn out and wonderful atmosphere both years! I just want to say thank you to all those who help make these events happen - it takes so much work and coordination to have so many vendors and live music performances, which really make this event so enjoyable. I love the place of Habersham in South Carolina, the very community makes for a beautiful setting to have the event. We have all sorts of people who visited the booth - "winter birds" from up north visiting, local residents of Habersham, other Beaufort locals and a wide range of vendors. We started making some new stickers to hand out to kids, and got to promote one of the latest projects I've just completed with my client Susan Sullivan. Her hardcover version of Bob Tales is on it's way to the press as I write this, and I'm really excited for the finished versions to get into people's hands this season.

One of my favorite experiences with being at the art booths is seeing so many people come into the the tent and start to laugh or smile at the silly squirrel drawings, ooh and ahh at the fantasy squirrels, and light up at seeing the little miniature squirrel sculptures. It is such a joy to see people respond to art that I've enjoyed making. It's my goal to bring a little light into the world, because it can be a very dark place. But if I can capture a little moment for someone where they get transported somewhere that's inspiring, hopeful, and exciting, then I've accomplished a great work of art. Sure, we artists make are because it makes us happy, but it is a hundred times more enjoyable knowing it makes others respond to it as well. So thank you, to everyone, for stopping in and seeing my art, even if it's cold and rainy!


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