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Logo Designs

Selection of branding for clients that included providing several concepts and creating a completed vector logo for commercial use.

Lowcountry Time Pieces

High-end watch repair/shop logo design.

Bob Tales Logo

Logo design for a children's book series. Logo captures the adventure and progression of the cat's story.

Magnolia Line Logo

Design for a new coastal community located along the bluff in Port Royal, South Carolina. The property was located along an old railroad line called the Magnolia Line, and was the focus of the logo design.

Grey Ghost

Design for a development/real estate company. Client wanted to incorporate his German Pointer into the ghost theme.

Raven's Lantern

Design for a publishing company that focused on fantasy and children's books. Wanted to have a message of illuminating the imagination and including a raven as the main design.

Salt Life

New resort community located in the Caribbean. Community development was mainly fishing and small cabin vacation rentals.


Business logo design for my Etsy shop and event booths.

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