Illustrated Books

A wide variety of my styles are illustrated in the projects below. From Andy in the Attic to Bob Tales, I have enjoyed working with clients with different needs and conceptual stages when they've come to me with their stories.  I have worked on book layout, illustrations, cover designs and printing production. 


Bob Tales: Land of the Woody Warbles

Susan approached me with a finished story that she was looking to have illustrated. We worked closely together to conceive of character designs, book and cover layouts, as well as extra marketing materials including a full spread map of the story. 

Andy in the Attic: Finding a Home

I was approached by Raven's Lantern Publishing to illustrate a children's fantasy book that would reach young readers ages 6-10 years. I had an outline story which was then fleshed out by their editor, and given direction for book size/layout. I created over 50 full color illustrations and designed the characters for the story, including the environments and lighting of each drawing. 

Cottage Anecdotes

Mary Rousseau was looking for an illustrated collection of some of her favorite stories she had of her family cottage. She had written the short anecdotes, and had specific images in mind with each page. The imagery was bright and playful to go along with the narrative style of the stories. This was a collection to be shared with family and friends, and was self-published. 

Isabelle Bunny

This was a combined work with my husband. Ben wanted to create a simple, soft illustration style with this story aimed at 0-5 years. He had created the story and characters, and commissioned me to take the drawings and add color and texture, as well as design the layout and cover. The finished book was later self-published.