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Christmas Made in the South Booth Setup

It's that time of year, and I'm more excited than ever to finally get back into a show and see everyone again! It's been forever since 2019!

After 2 years of being stuck at home, I've been furiously planning and creating some updated artwork including the colored soft cover version of Isabel Bunny's Lost Bell children's story. I've always had a children's book at the show, and although it doesn't sell much to this market, it's still something I'll continue to put on he shelf for people to see. I've got lots of new critter illustrations that were super fun (and honestly got me through the isolation of 2020). Maybe I'll call it my quarantine collection, ha!

As things settle in and the holiday season creeps up on me, I'm definitely feeling a sense of motivation to get a bunch of projects wrapped up before the end of the year. While 2020 seemed to last forever, 2021 has been a whirlwind of projects and so much doing! Some days it feels like I just can't keep up. Not a problem, at least not yet.

It's fascinating to watch artwork tell your story for you - it can be a visual check in at points in your life. The same silly cartoony characters I was drawing when the pandemic started were very different from the ones I've been drawing this year. The zombie, staring into space, squirrely doodles have bounced back into a more animated, interactive story telling. I find both sets of art over the past couple of years to be fun, in different ways.

Looking forward to sharing lots of these new pieces at Christmas Made in the South again too! Look for Squirrely Scribbles in Savannah - it's only a month away!!


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