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Milford CT Art Show and New Works

This new year has kicked off to a great start already, as my work is currently being displayed in a member's show at the Milford Arts Council Annual show. We are having a big opening Saturday night January 28t! Looking forward to a lot of great work in this show, and makes me contemplate this summer's potential. I've been working up a new story with some cohorts and am getting into the mood with a new set of drawings, this time all black and white. I miss the gentle feeling of graphite and serene the process can be.

While I enjoy blending with pencils, I have used graphite powders and washes in the past, but I think for now I'm going to stick with my pencils.

I love to use an assortment of pencils, and I've come to love the range of H3 and B4 pencils the most. It gives me the darkness and focus while using the harder pencils allows me the ability to get smooth, gentle shadows and blending of details. It was this drawing that actually propelled me to the drawings for another project that I ended up using graphite for as well.

In all this I've also been working on a side project, which I've had so much fun designing and illustrating. I've been setting up a take away for a friend's wedding, and just finished all the artwork for it this past week. Loving the theme, with touches of Chinese influence all throughout the program. They're having a tea ceremony, so I am completing their program for the tea ceremony. The wedding is in late June, and the celebration is going to be such a blast!

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