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I went to Europe years ago, now it's going into a book

As I keep saying, having clients who bring their stories to me looking to partner with an illustrator is one of the coolest relationships I have. Seeing new perspectives, ideas, and creativity is so inspiring and I am always flooded with all kinds of visuals from reading these stories. I have the privilege of working with other creative people and combining our strengths to make something beautiful we can share with the world. I'm truly lucky.

I am in the middle of one of those projects right now, and I'm super excited to be at a part in the process where the book is really taking off. The drawings are almost finished, and soon I'll be tackling the color moods and lighting.

One of my treasured memories was hiking the Waldensian Tour with some fellow students during my time at university. We spent weeks following their survival trek (and forced relocation several times over) into the Alpine mountains, and how they learned to live on the run. Their beautiful story and the incredible landscapes have been in my memories for years now and I'm so excited to finally have an excuse to use that reference for some artwork! This book immediately pulled up those memories and I'm really excited to show off where the book is so far. Here's a sneak peak at some of the final drawings I'm completing so I can get to coloring it soon!

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