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A Spirit of Hope and A Story of Dogs

My favorite local art show is opening soon and I am happy to announce that my work of Diesel from my MFA thesis is going to be hung in the gallery! It brought back so many memories of the show last year and my favorite piece called "Red Dog". I am fortunate to be able to participate in shows that benefit dogs and other animals like the ones I've done portraits of who need to find a loving home and be rescued from abandonment. I was thrilled to have Red Dog there where he won third place and got tons of admirers. The show is in the Milford Arts Council gallery at the train station in Milford, CT and opens this week June 29 until August 24. Be sure to come by opening night July 20 at 5:30 pm EST. My work was deliberate and full of passion for these dogs and I want people to continue to see them and remember how important it is to take every life seriously. As Red Dog had no name and was put down with dozens of others that month, I continue to remember him and it fuels the desire to send a visual message of hope and desperation for the shelter animals in need of a loving home. Diesel is more fortunate as the dog himself still lives and has a vey loving family. This year's piece, "Diesel's New Mission," is a happy ending and to this day that little super hero continues to ride the heights of happiness with his loving family. May we have more happy endings for these dogs, and help to support the shelters that try to provide for them and connect them to those willing and able to love them.

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