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Terrific Comicon was a Blast!

Over the weekend of August 20th I had the pleasure of working with Raven's Lantern LLC, a publishing company that has produced the book Andy in the Attic for me and my husband. After over a year of hard work and lots of full color illustrations, we successfully got it to print this spring, and have been promoting locally as well as on Amazon and over social media. But my highlight over this book was definitely going to the Terrific Comicon over the weekend and getting to meet so many people who adored our work and we signed lots of books each day! We met everyone from Bobba Fett sisters to Jason Muse! Raven's Lantern held a raffle each day and three very happy winners took home original prints from Andy in the Attic, along with their copies. And on Sunday we gave away original sticker artwork to the first 4 purchasers of the book, which was a great success! Loved seeing all the energy and interest, and especially meeting so many new fans! Thanks again for all the support and love over that weekend!

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