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Blue Mountain Gallery Show

I'm so excited to share my newest series of works in my second Master of Fine Arts Gallery show in Blue Mountain Gallery at the end of this month! June has been flying by with lesson plans for Ridgefield Guild Summer Camp and getting prepped for a new book cover we're putting together at While I've been in my down time for the art camp I've been working with some new Photoshop brushes and discovered a lovely pastel technique that I've been applying to my latest personal works. The series is for now titled "Unusual Pets" but I'm still considering calling it something else. So far I've done a Skunk inspired by a friend's pet, as well as a slug (Monty Python anyone?) and an Angler Fish, Because, well, who wouldn't want one if they could have one?

I'm really looking forward to getting these pieces framed and prepped for the gallery in New York City for the end of June. I'm hanging on Father's Day, but that's alright, I've got plans the day before to make up for it. (I still feel a little guilty but he's okay with it.) I've got about a dozen pieces that will be hung and half of them are new since the show at school, which will be a nice freshened look now that I've been away from my school environment for a couple months. It still is sinking in that I have a Master of Fine Arts and that I've finished school, but I'm just thrilled to start teaching this summer and hopefully continue on my personal project of the rescued dogs as well. Hope you can make it to the show opening at Blue Mountain Gallery, but if not, I'll certainly share pictures when I get back!

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