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MoCCA Fest 2016

This past weekend was a great experience in NYC. I went down to the MoCCAfest that was going on and had a blast. There were so many tables filled with illustrators and cartoonists. I was privileged to run into Leslie Cober-Gentry who has been my mentor throughout the MFA program at WCSU was one of the volunteers there as well. I can't even begin to say how information packed and fun filled it was! There were two floors filled with exhibitors and there was a whole other building with lectures and panels going on. I had to stop by booths for Fuzzy Poet,Cuddles and Rage, and all the other cartoonists who did such a fabulous job presenting work and giving me an irresistible need to buy lots of kitten stickers. Greg Ruth's works were undeniably beautiful and seeing his original pencil drawings out on the table took my breath away. there's something I can't stop admiring, and that's the fact that at one booth you can have the most detailed, descriptive drawing with intense detail and line work, filling in every wave of hair and glorious colour, while juxtaposed next to it is a booth filled with kitty cartoons like Tiny Face Industries, which as in my opinion just as successful. It will likely always fascinate me how such radically different art styles and narration techniques can elicit just as much response and enjoyment from the viewer. I certainly went home with a wide range of styles and take always that I adore for different reasons.

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