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Fall 2016 is here with new plans

As September seems to sweep by, I'm excited to say that I've begun working on a new series of works for some stationary sets to sell on my Etsy shop. It's been something I've been keen on starting for a while now, and with teaching once a week and having the cooler weather to inspire me, I'm ready to get moving on my studio projects again. I'm taking a pause with the gallery work and although it's been fun, I'm not sure how much of my work feels right tucked in glass frames on a white wall. So I'm turning to different venues and adventures to continue my creativity and drive a new sense of work. It's always important for me to explore new things, and never sit still too long.

That being said, I do love to get away from the noise of the world and this fall I've already had the pleasure of taking a trip up north to Maine, specifically Blue Hill. It's one of those areas that you just have to take in that deep breath and sigh when you arrive. The peace, quiet, the joyful sunsets and sunrises, and the crisp mountain air was just so revitalizing for me. I need that reset button every once in a while and this one was much needed from the hectic summer schedule. Fall seems to slow down a little for me and let me breathe a little deeper, so I'm hoping to take this pause to get into a new strain of works.

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