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Rewarding End from a Tough Decision

The past month has been an anxious and anticipatory rollercoaster as I packed up and shipped away my studio and my belongings to a foreign land. My whole life has always been influenced by my Connecticut upbringings, and it would seem life's journey has decided I needed to sprout some artwork in new soil. We landed in Beaufort, South Carolina this week and while all of my art supplies sit in piles of boxes I feel a great sense of excitement coming my way. The weather has been just beautiful for my family and me, allowing for many trips out to the Wildlife Refuge and around the islands. It's so beautiful living in such a different environment and I'm thrilled to see what it will do to influence my studio practice as we settle in. Do you ever consider how much your artwork is influenced by your world? By the smells, the everyday bustle, the air, the weather. It all sneaks itself into the corners of our work as artists, whether we aknowledge it or not. Not having snowy winters where I'm trapped indoors will change the way I create art as well as the change of everyday encounters with others and my new schedules. Next time you are about to settle down into your studio consider how your mental state, and your time and space are influenced by your world around you. 

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