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Children's Book Illustrator
and Freelance Artist
Lauren Elise Reeves
Light bulb enchanting squirrel painting
Bob Tales Book Cover
Chihuahua Pet Portrait

I'm a freelance illustrator keen on building relationships with my clients - relationships that are born from the creative partnership of writing, designing and illustrating. Whether a children's book, creating a visual story of one's pet, or other artworks that have meaning and narrative, bringing ideas to life is my specialty.

Have you been writing a children's book that you want to bring to life but don't know where to start? 

Are you looking for an art piece that will showcase your pet and favorite memories you have of them? 

I truly lucked out when I found Lauren Reeves! She is extremely talented and has been so great to work with! She is always open to the changes I make and has offered me much great advice as a newby in publishing, as well as suggestions about my book when I have asked for it. Her artistic style and creativity have made my book so much better than I ever imagined! I'm looking forward to working with her hopefully on many more projects!

- Susan E. Sullivan

I have utilized Lauren multiple times in the past and would highly recommend her. She has created original, beautiful, handmade artwork(s) with an incredible amount of detail. Lauren took the time and worked with me throughout the process to create a piece that I would be sure to love which included special touches like beautiful shimmery pearl cardstock on the finished print. Lauren is a very creative, hardworking, reliable accomplished artist. I am confident that others will appreciate her work as much as I have.

- Erin Finneran

So glad I found this site. These cards are imaginative and beautifully printed. It is a pleasure sharing them with my friends!

- ifgast

Lauren was a pleasure to work with. She lovingly crafted a portrait of my adorably goofy dog.

Lauren came to the table with great ideas, and was happy to work with me incorporate my ideas as well, to something truly special and unique. My wife and I are very happy with the result and have it hanging on our wall.

- Justin Seibold

Lauren listened to me describe a friend and the adventures she was experiencing with a beaver dam. She was inspired to make this heart warming piece to honor that part of my life. I love most the play of light in several areas of the piece. I also love the incredible detail in the sticks in the dam and in the clothing. But most of all, I love that she selflessly worked so hard to give me something that reflects a piece of my heart. I have this hung where the lighting can do it justice.

- Janet Sanford

Working with Lauren has been a truly effortless process regarding illustrations. Right when we started, Lauren has always been reliant and took the time to understand exactly what the characters and illustrations in my book - Daisy Goes to Egypt - would look like. Aside from illustrations, her help navigating the publishing process, steps to take after creating the book, and overall guidance have been invaluable.

- Mira Shah (

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