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Lauren Elise Reeves works in multi-media, ranging from digital media to charcoal, ink and colored pencils. Her works often includes fantastical and natural icons surrounded in dark and haunting places, allowing for creatures to maintain a symbolic sense of futility and yet being able to possess a quality of light that seems to radiate from within the central core of the narrative within which the creatures stir. Finding light being created in unexpected places and by creatures who have no great status in the world, her work elevates these humble beings, often representing her experiences and personas, giving them the jobs of God’s apprentices.

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I've got to say this year has been flying by. I landed a fabulous new position at an Architecture Firm called Allison Ramsey Architects. As an illustrator, it can be tough to decide what the best work environment is for you and your needs. Some people work best while being given an assignment and being alone in their studio, while others work best bouncing off of the ideas and feedback of others. 

I personally think it's best to find a balance in both worlds. No one should ever be without input and reflection of others opinions, even if you feel the need to express something uniquely individual and uninfluenced by other opinions. Growth comes from being a part of something, not just an isolationist who never experiences things outside of themselves. 

Having found this job, I think I've found...

After two big moves and a house, we are finally getting ourselves settled in. Thank you for holding on and enduring the silence while we were in continual change without pause. I feel so much better having my studio all set up and back to the way I want things to be. 

Which brings up a good question, how does one get their studio space setup to be effective, efficient, and inspiring? 

I tackled the topic of what's important to me in my studio space, so I'd like to take the time to explore the idea of getting things "just so" in your space. 

First and foremost, I always go back to the all important foundation question: what tools do you use regularly to make your artwork? This is certainly the first and most important question. When I was getting my newest space all figured out, it was a fluid...

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